Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas

It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas!

If you are looking for small gifts to fill some Christmas stockings or accomplish your Secret Santa's duty, look no further!

Discover our selection of small gifts, all under £5.


Original Recipe Shortbread Stars - £3.50

Beautiful box illustrated by the artist Carrie May, containing around 8 shortbread stars.

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Mini Shortbread Biscuits with Cinnamon & Demerara - £4.25

The crisp texture and delicious combination of Cinnamon and Demerara make for wonderfully original biscuits. Contains around 16 biscuits.

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Two Original Recipe Shortbread Fingers - £1.25

A wonderful small box of two original handmade shortbread fingers that are sweet and buttery to taste.

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Pea Green Boat Cheese Sablés with Fennel & Chilli - £3.95

Winners of a 3-star Great Taste Award in 2021! We believe there is no rival to these delicious and exceptionally cheesy morsels. .

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Mini Sweet Oatie Biscuits with Chocolate Chips - £4.25

Sweet oatie biscuits with heavenly rich chocolate chunks. Contains around 16 mini biscuits.

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Mini Shortbread with Macadamia Nuts - £4.75

The crisp texture and delicious flavour of macadamia nut in these handmade biscuits make this product too tempting to resist.

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