We are delighted to introduce some of the changes we have made to two of our existing ranges: our Sporting Range and our 170g Boxes.

170g Boxes - Smaller Packagings, Same Quantity

shortbread house of edinburgh

We are continuously trying to reduce our impact on the environment. That's why we are delighted to introduce our NEW 170g Boxes! 

By getting rid of the plastic trays, we have managed to remove 75% of the plastic in these boxes. These changes make the packaging smaller, which also reduces our use of cardboard and makes the boxes more efficient to ship.  

All of these changes for the environment make the box look smaller, however, we are pleased to announce:
It contains the same amount of Truly Handmade Shortbread as before!

The changes to our 170g Boxes are one of the many things we are currently doing to make sure our packaging is still as beautiful and the biscuits as tasty as before, but at the same time better for the environment.  

shortbread recipe

New Look for our Wee Sportsmen

shortbread gift

Our all-butter shortbread sporting range is getting a new, more modern look! This range is now featuring our famous and recognisable colours.
It is even easier to add them to your gift boxes as they now fit perfectly with our other packaging. 

The look is new, however, we have kept the same delicious recipes. 

scottish shotrbread