Sara Miller London and Shortbread House of Edinburgh new tin

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our Sara Miller range, our Truly Handmade Intensely Chocolatey Shortbread Fingers.

If you are a real chocoholic, you won't be able to resist these delicious biscuits made with rich dark chocolate pieces. With over 100 Great Taste Awards, we insist on making our shortbread truly by hand with the finest ingredients. Each one of our new shortbread fingers has been hand-cut, sugared and baked in our bakery located in Leith, Edinburgh.

Intensely Chocolatey Shortbread Fingers  Truly Handmade Intensely Chocolatey Shortbread Fingers

We have partnered with Sara Miller London to create this uniquely elegant tin, making it the ideal gift for a loved one. This beautiful new tin celebrates the arrival of summer with playful and vibrant illustrations of bees, ladybirds and Sara Miller London iconic birds. It is safe to say shortbread has never looked and tasted so good!

 Sara Miller London and Shortbread House of Edinburgh - chocolatey shortbread biscuits

Whether you are buying shortbread fingers for yourself or someone else, these sweet treats are sure to make an impression.


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