Mixed Case of Cheese Sablés - 12 boxes

£40.00 £47.40

A mixed case of 12 boxes of cheese sablés for a specially reduced price. Three boxes of original recipe cheese sablés, three boxes of cumin cheese sablés, three boxes of fennel & chilli cheese sablés and three boxes of nigella seed and chive cheese sablés.

We believe there is no rival to these delicious and exceptionally cheesy morsels.

The Pea Green Boat Cheese Sablés are lovingly made using Italian parmesan, mature cheddar, butter and organic flour, alongside the shortbread in our bakery.

Their Great Taste Awards back us up in this; why not give them a try?!

Enjoy with wine and other drinks, for picnics or as a unique canapé base.

Irresistible straight from the box or hot out of the oven.


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