Great Taste Awards 2021

The Great Taste Awards are the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards. This year, 14,113 products have been blind-tasted and judged by selected chefs, cooks, buyers, retailers, restaurateurs, food critics and writers.

The team is celebrating as we have won a further 5 Great Taste Awards!

The stand out product was again the Fennel and Chilli Cheese Sablés which won a 3-star award for the third year in a row! Less than 2% of the products have received this distinction this year. 


Rupert Laing, one of our directors, said "we are incredibly proud that our sablés have now been recognised as some of the best little biscuits not only in Scotland, but in the world. Our amazing team work hard to make our biscuits in the same traditional way each day in the heart of Edinburgh and the results of this blind tasting make us all extremely happy"


Great Taste Awards Winners 2021


Cheese Sablés with Fennel and Chilli



Judges said: "Gosh! Amazing! All flavours are allowed to shine and are beautifully balanced and in harmony -  6 o'clock drink nibbles sorted!!!! Delicious!"




Shortbread with Macadamia Nuts


Judges said: "The biscuits were crunchy, added to by the macadamias, and we felt these were the perfect accompaniment in both flavour and size for a cup of tea or coffee."




Original Cheese Sablés


Judges said: "Pretty little sablés that have 'Eat Me' written all over them.  You can taste the two cheeses, starting with cheddar and finishing with parmesan. Moreish!"




Cheese Sablés with Cumin


Judges said: "Evenly sized Sablés with a golden bake. Crisp and crunchy and a great accompaniment to drinks. All the flavours are distinct and well-balanced and provide a very moreish snack. Very enjoyable."



Shortbread with Lemon


Judges said: "These delectable little shortbreads are not only very pretty, but carry all the trappings of classic Scottish shortbread. We enjoyed the buttery, melt in the mouth texture and found the lemon fresh, authentic and beautifully judged."