Scottish shortbread

With over 100 Great Taste Awards, more than any other Scottish shortbread bakery, we insist on making our shortbread truly by hand with the finest ingredients. 

Discover the process behind making our delicious shortbread fingers! 


First, we provide our small team of skilled bakers with only the very finest ingredients. The best quality butter is used, ensuring a delicious flavour, and the addition of a little ground rice gives a light crisp texture.

After mixing, we bring the dough together by hand to ensure it is the perfect texture before cutting it into biscuits.

Scottish shortbread  shortbread


Each one of our shortbread fingers is then cut with a knife in the traditional way. The fact that the biscuits are made by hand makes a huge difference to the taste, texture and appearance of the shortbread.



Our team of skilled bakers know precisely when our biscuits are baked to perfection. The final touch after baking our shortbread fingers is to add a little sprinkle of sugar.



The best part of all this process is, of course, to eat the shortbread fingers once they are ready!


Discover our full range of shortbread fingers:  

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