Shortbread House of Edinburgh new luxury tins

For over 25 years Shortbread House has been known for it's small gold thistles and conservative packaging. All of this is about to change! We have begun working with local, Edinburgh-based designers, Nevis Design to redesign all of our packaging. Nevis will be capturing the magic of illustrator Iain McIntosh who is renowned for illustrating Alexander McCall Smith's books. His wonderful drawings (with a hint of his fantastic sense of humour) will be at the centre of all of our designs. 

Large artistic thistles will replace the traditional small thistles but the real impact will come from the strong colours that will be enough to make some shoppers want to wear dark glasses. Everything is set to change from the shape and size of our packaging to our logo. This is a bold (or stupid!) move but we hope that the wonderful customers who have been so loyal to us over the years will stick with us. 

An example of some of our new tins are below so keep an eye out for them!


Shortbread House of Edinburgh beautiful tins making them the perfect gifts