Great Taste Awards - Shortbread House of Edinburgh

In 2020 Shortbread House again won more Great Taste Awards than any other Scottish shortbread bakery with a further 10 awards. This brought their total to over 100 awards. The stand out product was again the Fennel and Chilli Cheese Sablés which were nominated for another Golden Fork Award having won the Golden Fork for Scotland in 2019. Here is what the judges had to say about them:

"Wonderful bake - deep and golden, fantastically crisp. Bold cheese flavour followed by the fennel seeds and then the heat. These sablés are beautifully balanced with all the flavours shining brightly. It would be very hard to stop at one or two of these. Savoury with just the right amount of salt, super cheesy, melt in the mouth. The Parmesan is identifiable, giving a deep savoury note. Great combination of flavours, the cheese, fennel seeds and chilli work so well together in utter harmony and each ingredient shares the limelight. Elegant and the perfect size, an exquisite accompaniment to cocktails. Cleverly made and utterly delicious."